Contradictions and confusion: Coalition funding for schools

I know I have been retired for only a few days but I can’t help myself. For the past week I have been wondering why Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott have been getting away with such blatant lies and self contradictions over school funding.

Christopher Pyne can’t seem to remember what he has promised and said from one day to another.

Tony Abbott has mired himself in the differences (all in his own head) between the promise he made, the promise he thinks we heard he made and the promise he thinks we hoped we heard.

What an incredible load of nonsense. He is treating us like fools.

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne promised schools would get the same deal for school funding under the Coalition as they would under a Labor government.

If even one school does not get that funding then Pyne and Abbott lied. Simple as that.

Now we have to wait for the Abbott Government to show us the money.

I expect every school in Australia will then do their sums.

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