Wojtek’s Apprentice

Jozefa opened her eyes. It wasn’t morning that woke her; it was the night, hard and too close. Weak light squished in through the one window. Above her head a low ceiling chopped at the wide curve of the galvanized steel roof. She could see everything. Her three-year-old sister slept on, curled and soft beside … More Wojtek’s Apprentice

Linda Jane

Linda Jane became the person whose mother tried to kill herself when she was twelve years old. Just before she became that person she was hurrying home through the cold shadows of a winter twilight. Little bits of calm licked at the bilious residue of her weekly piano lesson. Like many females of a similar … More Linda Jane

The Skoda

The family was just the right size for a car, because a car has both front and back seats, and this family had two grown-ups and two children. It meant everyone had their own window. With mother and father, Val and Verdun, always in the front seat, daughters, Susan and Peg, would peer out at … More The Skoda