Another backflip from Abbott and Pyne

It is difficult to believe anything Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott say about education.

Almost every day they contradict themselves and each other.

Today just minutes before they were to face a barrage from Bill Shorten in Question Time they did their latest back flip.

Now we are supposed to believe they will implement Labor’s plan as agreed with the various states and jurisdictions that signed up or accepted the reforms.

I just do not trust them. They thought they could walk all over the Gonski reforms that took years of planning and consultation and ended the class war over funding.

When it was clear they could not, they tinkered with words used in promises and hoped it would be enough to silence us.

I don’t think either of them have any idea of how seriously Australians are intent on school funding reforms.

What is clear is that they are frightened enough by the outrage we are showing to change their views in 24 hour cycles or less.

So let’s keep it up.

We want the Gonski school funding reforms as promised by the one politician with a vision for Australian schooling, Julia Gillard, and we want the full six year agreements to be honoured.

3 thoughts on “Another backflip from Abbott and Pyne

  1. When I read things like Abbott’s ‘signature policy’ (PPL) will stay, but that the school kids bonus will go (we already know that Gonski Lite is dead in the water), I wonder about the following figures someone provided me. The PPL @ $75K equates to 183 primary school children missing out on assistance (at $410 each), via the school kids bonus. This is SHOCKING. Even the small figure of 10 mothers receiving this handout correlates to 1,830 primary school children missing out. Three years of this?

    1. The Greens are negotiating a compromise with the Libs (most probably lowering PPL payout to $50K) that may see the legislation pass through both houses. However, as you say, Abbott & Co’s spending/cutting priorities demonstrate his bias towards the top-end-of-town. How this government ever convinced ordinary working folk to vote for them (against their own interests) remains a complete mystery to me.

      Merry Christmas to you, Ellie 🙂

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