The Skoda

The family was just the right size for a car, because a car has both front and back seats, and this family had two grown-ups and two children. It meant everyone had their own window. With mother and father, Val and Verdun, always in the front seat, daughters, Susan and Peg, would peer out at … More The Skoda

Chapter One

Time to give you another chapter. This is the chapter that starts my fantasy book. ( Well that’s the plan at the moment. As any writer will tell you, things change.) It all begins. CHAPTER ONE The Kand As she ran she grew her wings. It was not easy. First the major bones and muscle, … More Chapter One

How To Kill Rabbits

Billy lifted her chin into the rush of dry hot air coming from the moonlit bush, her body quivering with the rackety tappets of the old Dodge’s engine. Reeling and swirling through the night she rode the ute’s running board, half limpet, half hunter. The deadeye of her spotlight calmly probed the bush and rocky … More How To Kill Rabbits